Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Couple years ago, I was in a college pursuing my degree in a way that Im not really into it... Still, I manage to finish it even it is not in flying colours. But, who cares, at least Im now a graduate...

Now, this grown up man is tired to do what he is not into... Im trying hard to feel the sincerity in doing this job, but all I can feel right now is burden. Im tired of working with kids who no longer respect elders, Im tired with so called Good Woman who act piously while blatantly outside.

A man always being related with cool, calm and strong. So, did u say that a man cannot feel annoyed, angry, mad and so on... it is in fact an emotion feels by all human being. I just couldn't accept any hypothesis saying that a man cannot express their own feeling. Throw away the ego guys. U just make it worsen.

What is so pathetic for someone is to follow what was chosen for them not choosen by them. Hey, wake up and do what u want. U dont want to regret later by not doing what u really like. But, please take into comsideration the effect of what u do. U dont want to ruin your life don't u?

I dont mean that Im totally regret choosing this path, but It is better doing something u want rather than doing something with a big feeling of burden.

Monday, 10 March 2014


Hi guys...
I'm really angry and the hatred is in the air.
Can you imagine somebody's spreading a rumors telling that u were adopted by your very own biological parent. I used to be very cool to hear that news before, but it seems like the bitch is now gaining the victory of make me fight with someone else.

I wonder, what did she won by doing that?
Will she gain respect or will she been awarded with a super duper great award?

You know what, by spreading rumors, you actually hurting a lot of people. I might goes back to you. For me, if you keep doing that, nobody will believe in ur words anymore once they found out who you really are. Do you want to be in that situation?

In the latest case, people keep spreading the rumors about the conspiracy of the missing plane. Stop doing that. There is human inside there and they might be your family, relatives and friends. You don't want to hear anything bad about them if they were your family right? So, if you can be in their shoes, please respect them, don't make any assumption and let the authority do their job.

Lastly, I hope and wish the plane will be found anytime soon and let us pray it is in a good condition... #PrayForMH370