Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Relationship! Eff it!

Mudah je hidup kalau semua benda dapat tekan butang back. Aku stress! Aku memang dari mula x suka ada relationship. Tp bila once u have started and it means u have to deal with my habit. Once Im in a relationship. I will be only love u. But, after some times u realize that Im no longer worth to be kept and now u said that we can reverse! So easy! I know my place and I should always know the risk of having a relationship with u. Yes! You made the great choice! If only you will be happy be leaving me. Please do it. 

One thing I know is, I would never be in any relationship anymore. I dont want to feel this feeling again. It kills me! 

All I could say is, Thank you so much for everything. Being a friend is, turning it into something else is the worst as it is not easy to forget the memories once we have anything at all later. 

Im not the one who asked for this. And I always know my level. That is why I would never asked more. I know I dont deserve it.

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