Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Couple years ago, I was in a college pursuing my degree in a way that Im not really into it... Still, I manage to finish it even it is not in flying colours. But, who cares, at least Im now a graduate...

Now, this grown up man is tired to do what he is not into... Im trying hard to feel the sincerity in doing this job, but all I can feel right now is burden. Im tired of working with kids who no longer respect elders, Im tired with so called Good Woman who act piously while blatantly outside.

A man always being related with cool, calm and strong. So, did u say that a man cannot feel annoyed, angry, mad and so on... it is in fact an emotion feels by all human being. I just couldn't accept any hypothesis saying that a man cannot express their own feeling. Throw away the ego guys. U just make it worsen.

What is so pathetic for someone is to follow what was chosen for them not choosen by them. Hey, wake up and do what u want. U dont want to regret later by not doing what u really like. But, please take into comsideration the effect of what u do. U dont want to ruin your life don't u?

I dont mean that Im totally regret choosing this path, but It is better doing something u want rather than doing something with a big feeling of burden.

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