Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wadihana Islamik Steak House

Yesterday I am craving for a beef steak. So I went to a steak house like usual. Sorry, I think I didnt snap a pic of food before.

I order the Rip Eye Beef Steak as I dont really like the fatty part on the meat. 

For me, the taste is okay as I like to be well done for my steak. The sauce that choosen was the Black Pepper sauce while my partner choose the Mushroom sauce. The price is quite reasonable too. 

Mushroom Soup Rib Eye Steak

Black Pepper Sauce Rib Eye Steak

Strawberry Milkshake

Pineapple Fresh Juice

Thursday, 7 August 2014

To tell or not to tell

Im not the kind of man who likes to cheat or telling gossips. It is better to keep it myself.

Sometimes, we cannot tell the truth even we really want to shared it to others. Why? It may be the reason for people to blame, condemn or even blaming us.

For me, telling the truth is good, but it is very dissapointed when we did it, it might be misunderstood by the others. It is difficult to satisfy all parties and much better to keep it ourself.

I know my post recently is all about the feeling, but it is the only way I can express my feeling.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Student nowadays

Sometimes I feel the tension before entering the class. Usually I will feel the anxiety before seeing them. It kill my passion or I could say my willingness of teaching into fed up.

If only they know how much the teacher struggle to make them happy in their life.

I just dont care anymore. All the things I could say is it is up to you. If you wish to be success, struggle now, if u want to be a loser. Keep playing!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Relationship! Eff it!

Mudah je hidup kalau semua benda dapat tekan butang back. Aku stress! Aku memang dari mula x suka ada relationship. Tp bila once u have started and it means u have to deal with my habit. Once Im in a relationship. I will be only love u. But, after some times u realize that Im no longer worth to be kept and now u said that we can reverse! So easy! I know my place and I should always know the risk of having a relationship with u. Yes! You made the great choice! If only you will be happy be leaving me. Please do it. 

One thing I know is, I would never be in any relationship anymore. I dont want to feel this feeling again. It kills me! 

All I could say is, Thank you so much for everything. Being a friend is, turning it into something else is the worst as it is not easy to forget the memories once we have anything at all later. 

Im not the one who asked for this. And I always know my level. That is why I would never asked more. I know I dont deserve it.

Monday, 4 August 2014


Sy pernah terbaca satu post di instagram yg mengatakan "tidak pernah sy mengucapkan syukur apabila tiba hari sabtu"... Sy rasa cemburu dengan statement dia sbb dia rasa seronok dgn keje dia n dia enjoy walaupun disuruh bekerja pada hari sabtu...

Hmmm... Cakap psl keje ni, sometimes or most of the times sy rasa sgt stress dan tension dgn keje sy. Sesiapa yg pernah deal dgn manusia tau la bagaimana tekanan yg dihadapi dan ada sahabat pernah ckp, cukup la sehari je aku handle budak2 ni. Kalau setiap hari mcm ni, boleh botak kepala... Tp sy bernasib baik sebab kepala masih belum botak  walaupun dah tahun ke3 bekerja.

Berurusan dengan perkara yg x menjadi minat sesorang sering menyebabkan seseorang tu menghadapi stress. Sy merasakan perkara ini kerana sy sgt enjoy buat kerja yg berkaitan dgn ape yg sy minat walaupun secara percuma. Hmmm...

Hmmm... Sy tau, kdg2 sy seperti tidak bersyukur dan menerima ketentuanNya, tapi orang yg menggalas beban je yg tau betapa berat beban yang digalasnya.

Maaf. Sy sudah tidak mampu menyimpan bebanan ini...

Friday, 1 August 2014

Novel Melayu

Hai. Lama x post ape2 kan.
Xtau la kenapa, xde mood kot...

Hari ni sy terbaca satu post org share di Fb. "Kenapa aku x minat baca novel melayu".

Setelah baca post tu, x dinafikan bnyk point yg ditulis tu betul dan sukar dinafikan. Tp bagi sy, kenapa perlu nak hentam or kisah kalau dah tau novel tu macam tu. Novel tu ditulis atas imaginasi penulisnya sendiri dan dia x ganggi or paksa sape2 pun utk baca novel yg ditulisnya.

Bagi sy, memang ceritanya banyal yg cliche or stereotype, tapi at least dia ada effort utk menghiburkan pembaca novel yg minat novel tersebut. Bab nama2 bombastik dalam novel memang x dinafikan memang agak da boom dan bajet2 cute mcm tu. Tp itu kan atas imaginasi penulis. Bagi saya, xde sape ada hak utk kutuk nama seseorang. Rasionalnya ialah yang pilih nama seseorang tu orang tu sendiri ke? X kan! Jadi kenapa nak kutuk pilihan mak bapak atau pilihan novelis tu sendiri. Kadang2 org yg suka kutuk nama org lain ni sebab dia jeles dgn nama org yg dikutuknya. 

Banyak lagi yg boleh dikupas bab novel melayu ni. Tp bagi saya, kalau x berminat nak baca, bnyk lagi pilihan yg boleh dibuat. Nak pilihan terbaik? Pilih la buku ilmiah dan buat research or summary psl buku tu. Mudah kan? 

Sekian bebelan utk hari ni.

*mode: sentap or terasa jgk sbb sy baca jugak novel melayu time bosan walaupun tahu ceritanya cliche...

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bali Trip 2014


I wont say much today as I'm a bit busy doing things for life.

May get back on track anytime soon.

in the meantime please enjoy this short video clip.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Couple years ago, I was in a college pursuing my degree in a way that Im not really into it... Still, I manage to finish it even it is not in flying colours. But, who cares, at least Im now a graduate...

Now, this grown up man is tired to do what he is not into... Im trying hard to feel the sincerity in doing this job, but all I can feel right now is burden. Im tired of working with kids who no longer respect elders, Im tired with so called Good Woman who act piously while blatantly outside.

A man always being related with cool, calm and strong. So, did u say that a man cannot feel annoyed, angry, mad and so on... it is in fact an emotion feels by all human being. I just couldn't accept any hypothesis saying that a man cannot express their own feeling. Throw away the ego guys. U just make it worsen.

What is so pathetic for someone is to follow what was chosen for them not choosen by them. Hey, wake up and do what u want. U dont want to regret later by not doing what u really like. But, please take into comsideration the effect of what u do. U dont want to ruin your life don't u?

I dont mean that Im totally regret choosing this path, but It is better doing something u want rather than doing something with a big feeling of burden.

Monday, 10 March 2014


Hi guys...
I'm really angry and the hatred is in the air.
Can you imagine somebody's spreading a rumors telling that u were adopted by your very own biological parent. I used to be very cool to hear that news before, but it seems like the bitch is now gaining the victory of make me fight with someone else.

I wonder, what did she won by doing that?
Will she gain respect or will she been awarded with a super duper great award?

You know what, by spreading rumors, you actually hurting a lot of people. I might goes back to you. For me, if you keep doing that, nobody will believe in ur words anymore once they found out who you really are. Do you want to be in that situation?

In the latest case, people keep spreading the rumors about the conspiracy of the missing plane. Stop doing that. There is human inside there and they might be your family, relatives and friends. You don't want to hear anything bad about them if they were your family right? So, if you can be in their shoes, please respect them, don't make any assumption and let the authority do their job.

Lastly, I hope and wish the plane will be found anytime soon and let us pray it is in a good condition... #PrayForMH370

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Annyeonghaseyo . Eotteohge dangsin-eun?

I know it is soooooo damn late to post about this as it already February and my trip to South Korea was in November 2013. But, I still want to post about this. I went to Korea to feel the Autumn and it is freaking cold and I couldn't stand the low temperature there.

Even though it is soooo cold, we still manage to go everywhere we wish to go. unfortunately, we couldn't go to all the place we wish to go as there is some problems occur and the time is not enough for us to move everywhere...

What I love the most about Korea is, it is a very beautiful country to be visited to and you should prepare a lot as you will find out that the skincare product, cosmetics, bag and many more is very cheap. I dont have much to say as I don't a lot of things to be told of, but picture may tell thousand of story isn't?

So, lets the picture tell the story...

Till then, XOXO...

Bali!!! I'm coming...

I know it has been a long time I left this blog...
I just have no idea, no time and no courage to write anything...
oppppsss... without further residue, I just want to uodate that I'm going to Bali in 3 weeks time!!! yeay!!!

I have plan to go oversea at least once this year and luckily I see a few promotions on Groupon and thanks to Skyscanner apps, I finally got a chance to be there this coming 22 March to 25 March 2014. the actual plan is to go back to Korea as I want to go to Jeju Island and try out the "Jjimjilbang" the traditional bath house in Korea.

As you know, a teacher salary wont allow me to do such luxury trip every year, I will postponed it to another time... so, I change my plan to Bali! It started as I watched th America Next Top Model 2.0 who had featured male and female model in this season and they went to Bali for the recording. I was attracted the view and the cost is not so high compared to having a vacation here in our own lovely country...

I have booked the Malindo Flight thanks to Skyscanner apps, GrandMas Seminyak Hotel thanks to and a travel guide thanks to somebody... It will realize my dream of having a great time out on my own...

I have nothing else to say, I might have update the photos here later...

Till then, XOXO...