Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Few Tips For Travelling Abroad

If this is your first time traveling abroad, or maybe you just need a refresher here's a few tips you should do or bring before your trip.

1. Double check and make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations and that you have renewed all essential prescriptions. Also, ask you medical insurance provider if your policy applies overseas for emergencies. If it doesn’t, and you want to add extra coverage, consider supplemental insurance. Learn what you need to know before buying travel insurance.

2. Bring copies of your passport. If your passport gets stolen or lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship. For extra backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account as well. If there’s a problem in the country, this will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you.

3. Look up the monetary before you go. Finding out that RM 1 is equal to just 300 Korean ₩ … bad surprise. Make sure you do your math before you travel to get a sense of where the conversion rate is at. It will work in the country you're visiting. European banks have switched almost completely to the more secure chip-and-PIN technology, and fewer businesses abroad are accepting the outdated magnetic-strip cards. The conversion centers in the airport or around the city tend to be huge rip-offs. You won’t get charged as many fees at the ATM or the bank, and the conversion will be exact. Not every place takes credit cards. Especially important places like trains or buses. Sometimes banks think that fraud maybe occurring if transactions are suddenly happening in Atlanta when you’re from Kuala Lumpur, and they will turn off your card as a security measure. It id adviseable to contact the bank before leaving the country. Some countries require travelers to pay in order to enter or leave the country. These fees are not included in the price of your airline ticket, and can range from RM50 to RM500.

4. Do some research about the countries you are about to visit and plan where do you wish to visit. By doing that, you acyually can visit as much place as you can within a short time. In fact, you can also take part in any parade, festivals, ceremony and natural events that would take place at the place you are about to viait. Some place requires ticket or pass to enter, by buying in advance you’ll be able to skip more lines, and find more deals targeted toward you. Guidebooks usually include maps, key words or phrases, and give you enough detail on certain sites that you won’t need to purchase the pamphlet at the venue. This will help you make sure that you’re not missing the events going on in the city. Also be sure to research as a few national dishes to try. You don’t want to leave the country without experiencing what its known for.

5. Countries have different type of plugs and voltage. So if you want to use your handphone, make sure you can charge it. From my own experience I know that nothing is worse than having an adapter and still not being able to use the handphone or camera as the voltage isn’t high enough for that country. There's usually a charge we doing this, but it is much less than the roaming charges you’ll get if you don’t. 

6. Don’t be one of those travelers decked out in Hawaiian singlets and short in Narita Airport because the airline lost your luggage and you have nothing else to wear. Each airline has its own set of guidelines as to how many bags can be checked or carried on for free. Make sure to look up what your airline’s rules are to avoid any incremental fees. make sure you have bought enough allocation weightsfor your luggage as I am very sure that U wont be happy to pay a lot for something that u can get in a small fees.

Traveling abroad is fun, but eating in a foreign country can sometimes become a task. Bring small snacks that will tide you over until you find that perfect restaurant or food cart.

P/S: Some apps for smartphone is very good to help you find great deals, what is happening, transportation and lodging. Make use of it!

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