Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hey ya...

This time I keep my promises to update it frequently... Hahaha...

Do you have a friend? Or a lot of friends? I'm sure everybody have at least one. You know, to start a relationship somehow is not an easy task for certain people, for me too, but I manage to handle it now.

To maintain the relationship is also not an easy task as some people is not keen to please others and sometimes they just know how to irritate others.

The most difficult task in relationship is to repair it. For me, I find it is soooo much difficult to do it. The only words is just "Sorry", but to say it from the bottom of the heart is not an easy job.

So, if you wish to maintain your relationship, just take care of each other, understand each other n please others. Once you broke it, it is difficult to start it back.
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Food Craver

Hi there...
I'm sorry as I broke my promises before to post here often. I'm just to busy with my life and work.

I just don't want to mumble a lot anymore, so let's go to the topic!

I just love food very much and I usually will finish all the food in front of me even I know I won't afford to finish it. My besties know that I'm going to finish it and throw out later. But for me, it is a passion of tasting the food.

I like travel and search for "Makan Place" and usually I'll do it myself or with my friends. We go to the place based on the review, chat, newspaper review, magazine review and even the TV show like JJCM!

So! Enjoy my photos of food.

P/S: There's a lot more, but google won't allow me post a lot of photos via email...

The kaw-kaw burger bakar...
Home Made Chicken Chop
Smile Yogurt... only in Kedah
restoran Murni... I cant remember the name...
Japanese Food in The Garden...
Home Made "Nyonya Nasi Lemak Rendang"
Sambal Udang Mama
Asam Pedas Keladi
Lazy Home Made Spaghetti Bolognaise
Mee Curry Mr. Jeff... Awesome!

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