Saturday, 7 July 2012

Travelling Mind

Hey there...
There's something really bother me right now as my heart really wriggles to travel somewhere. It is not that I never travel before but this time I just to be where I never been before.

I once used to think that I want to travel luxuriously somewhere over the world in the first class cabin of a very well known airlines company. Sleep in a very prestigious 7star hotel, moving around in a limousine and dining in a couture boutique restaurant.

Hey! Keep dreaming and I wont never achieve any as I came from neither a very2 rich family nor a richman myself. After a few thought, I rather travel cheap and fun to really be there!

All of the fabulous thinggy pour down as I really like to watch Travel and Living chanel in Astro and to make things worsen, I would only watch something that really attract my eyes. Indeed!

Now, as I'm already working and I know very well how hard to earn money. So, I think it is better for me to not wasting on something I dont really need. Instead of wasting it on Just one vacation, I could spend the wastage into some others journey.

There is so many way of travel cheaply right now. We have plenty of choices to choose for. Instead of flying fabulously thru MAS, we have air asia and even some other airlines that offer cheaper price ticket. As long as we reached the place, why not! Right?

By the time of reaching the place, why dont we just go for bed n breakfast or someyhing like hostel. Usually this place do offer us free plain water, tea and coffee. They do provide breakfast too. Make used of it! You are advised to do some research on hotel too before going there as some hotels offer cheap fare during some seasons. Read the hotel review first before booking as you wont feel regret to be the one who will write a bad review of the hotel.

Instead of travel luxuriously via limousine or taxi, why not try the local traveling ways or public transport like "angkot" in Indonesia, "Tuktuk" in Thailand and MRT in Singapore (*correct me if I'm wrong). It is way more cheaper compare to renting a car. But to make things clear, do some research before planning on the vacation. *People says that Bluebird Cab is way more cheaper than Angkot in Indonesia.

Another things to always bare in mind is to always think of cleanliness. It is good to make sure you wont get affected with the disease from the place that you go. To be precise, I always think of wearing the disposable shirt especially the undergarments. Do check on weather and the main purpose of traveling before packing as it will make things easier as some people travel for shopping and many others purposes.

Before going to other peoples place or to be exact, the foreign countries, do check on the local customs, tourist traps and things to do. This wont make you feel awkward while reaching there. It will also avoid you from spending on something you dont really need.

To make things easier you could spend some times read a few travelling page, travellers log blog and ask from people who always on the go. For me, I always read

Do not forget the camera! And batteries too. As you will regret to not capture those sweet moment of your life in there.

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Azham Vosovic said...

Insyaallah one day you can travel again....cuma kena tunggu timing yg sesuai dgn cuti, gaji hehehhee

Ibuhani said...

Insyaallah......flight prefer biasa2 jer. As long as smpi destination of course yg slmtlah! Cleanliness of course plg penting terutama negara2 dunia ke 3! Tu sbb travel kt negara mcm tu kena luxury way sbb terjamin bersih. Transport n driver/guide penting sbb tmpt org....kita x biasa dgn culture n environment terutama safety masa perjlnn! So these people will ensure ur safety n provide gd service! Holiday mestilah nk selesa br dpt memori indah! kalau jln asyik sesat n timing asyik akan jd x seronok! Mkn penting sbb mesti yg halal tp bwk bekal jugak in case x der yg halal n bersih.Chocolate utk tenaga n roti in case x der mknn ruji yg sesuai. Drink lots of water jugak. Happy travelling Ian. Travelling with beloveds to create a worth holiday!

Hizrian Roslee said...

Azham: Thanx. Im sure will travel again.

Aunty Mahani: Wow! Indeed a good tips! should have apply it soon.