Tuesday, 3 July 2012

SK Puchong Perdana Sport Carnivale

SK Puchong Perdana is an everage size school that consist of a large number of student. The school compound is not so big yet not so small. it is enough to accomodate a number of students in 2 sessions.

This school does not have a very large field that could acomodate a 400 metres track. so we only have a 200 metres track installed.

Last saturday marka the end of sports carnivale in the school. the carnival start almost a month ago and we have fun while doing the activity.

I was aasign into Green House or Aminuddin Baki. We manage to climb to be the number 1 house from the last place before the seasons. Yippie!!!

There's a lot of activity being held on the day and before it. Even I myself do join an event but unfortunately lose as I didnt do it very well... lol...

Anyhow, photos does speak a thousand words. So... Enjoy!!!

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Azham Vosovic said...


tp mesti penat!

cikgunabil said...

salam Hizrian..
ni aku Nabil SKPP..
ada blog rupanya..
dah lama ke ber-blogging ?

blog aku pula di:

Hizrian Roslee said...

Best! like we used to be in college...
Penat?! No way! The word is exhausted! lol... tp ape2 pun kite enjoy!

Haha... dah lama dah maen blog ni, tp slow sikit sbb malas... ni rase mcm nak start balik... hahaha...

Ibuhani said...

As salam. lamanya x update blog dia...sukan! maknanya berjemur.....huhuhu..tu yg huda x suka..sek huda sukan hr ni 7/7!

Hizrian Roslee said...

W'salam... baru dapat mood balik aunty... bab berjemur tu yg x brape best tu... kwn2 sume tny kenapa sunburn? hahaha...