Friday, 20 July 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Hi readers.
Ahlan wasahlan ya ramadhan...
Im posting this as all muslim in certain country is starting to fast for a month starting tomorrow morning. As tonight, we are going to perform Solat Tarawih for 20 rakaat.
For those who doesnt have any idea about this fasting month, here is a bit info that I could brief.
Ramadhan is a month for all muslim to perform fasting during the day from eating and drinking and even from commit sins. *At least to avoid commiting sins, human always making error.
This is to make every muslims to feel the feeling of hunger and discomfort of life that was lives by the poor. By doing this, we shall not wasting on every aspect. Some people would easily fast and already tought about break fasting elegantly in a 5stars hotel. By doing this, it shows that we are not being sincere towards the fast that we have done in the day.
For me, by fasting I could add on some good deeds that I oftenly.left while not in fasting month. In fact, we could try avoiding some sins that we used to do every day such as cursing, talk back watching unproper things and many more. I couod also slimming myself as I will eat less in this condition. So, for those non-muslim who wish to.perform fasting... No worries, do it without hesitation. It won't make you accidentally turn you into Islam.
For Muslims, do not forget to niat before perform fasting or you will end up tired without receiving anythings from Allah. *wallahualam...
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