Tuesday, 3 July 2012

KL Tower

Last weekend my friend Mr. F do come over to met his girlfriend who just came back from Besancon, France for summer holiday. Her girlfriend who I called Lady D is also my friend too...

I just can meet them at night as I still got to work on that saturday morning. We met in Mid Valley and havibg dinner there. As usual, the couple love to have the Portuegese Grill. Unlucky for me as I couldn't stand its spiciness. So I just took the Yong Tau Fu for dinner. *Diet mood... Lol.

After dinner we have nothing to do and I have no intentoons of hang out in Mid Valley. So Mr. F ask me to drive them somewhere to kill time. Then he suggest us to go to KL Tower. Then we go there without any idea how much the ticket will cost us. We reach there around 8.30 and as usual my.clumsiness make me forget to lock the car. Mr. F ask me to check and shoot! I didnt lock the car.

After that we go to the counter and the ticket price is RM30 for Malaysian with Mykad! But we still want to go up there. So we bought it. Haha... The ticket include with a package of pony ride or a mini zoo. But we didnt go to any of them as we dont have enough time for it.

We manage to have a short seight seeing up there for about 30 minutes. Having a few snapping moment n we go down. There's a few pictures I manage to take.

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Azham Vosovic said...

I kenal Mr F tu...amboi...nama tu secret sgt hehehehe

Hizrian Roslee said...

Hahaha... Well, I like to make it like that rite... If you know me well la...