Saturday, 14 July 2012


Hi readers...
Everybody know that I have my own car now. And no need to tell anymore as I already posted some photos of her.

Something I really dont like is to.wash the car. I know it could be some.sort of exercising but it is not my way of ecercising. I hate doing it as I could hurt myself almost everytime I wash my car and even my mom n dad car. I used to get a bruises on my head as I accidentally knock myself towards a beam while washing one of my dad car.

Another one scar was on my hand as I forgot that the car is under some refurbishment as my dad is installing a new bodykit on his starlet and I got almost 5cm wound. Yes! It bleed heavily.

Ok. Back to yesterday story. Yesterday morning I went to school and the road is wet as it was rain the night before. As usual, the road to Puchong hot some dirt on some places. After reaching school, it is still raining but it is not a big matter as it is not a downpour.

When I want to go back home, As I move to my car, I saw a few dotted spotted on my door side. I touched it to know what it is actually, then I realize that it is a few cement leakage. Lucky that it is not really stick there.

Without thinking further, I drive home and I syop by a petrol station to was my car. Lucky that the interior of my car is still in a clean condition. So I just drive thru the machine and I ask the workers to just shine up the tire only. I didnt need the vacuum services.

But, that really not satisfy me yet as I didnt see the car condition yet. So, I drove to the toilet next to thw petrol station and I check myself the car condition. Yeay!!! It look very clean now.

I love to use the auto car wash as I dont really like to wait outside my car while it being wash. I dont like to spend a lot of time too as this type of carwash took only 5 minutes to clean. Indeed it is not clean as Bodyshop do but it give me a satisfying cleanliness. Another thing that I like is it is cheap. For a sedan like my car, it only cost me RM4.00 only and I think I could afford to used it a coupled times a week.

Here's the pictures while my car being washed by hand and machine. We were just like a bos of waiting inside the cat wjile it being wash.

So, enjoy the photo's inside the auto carwash machine and how does it look after being washed. Dont worry Aizi, I'll make sure u clean and beauty after this.


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Azham Vsvc said...

Aizi dah cantik dan bersih....boleh bawa I jalan2 hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Aku suka basuh kereta...enjoy..

Hizrian Roslee said...

Cikgu Nabil:
Haha... enjoy gak klu tgh bosan xde keje nak buat... tp klu basuh 5 kete sorg2 mmg x enjoy...

Azham: Bleh je... U come back to UPM first la...