Saturday, 21 July 2012

Adam n Akhil

Adam n Akhil are two names that always reflecting in my mind right now as I just finish reading a novel by Hasrul Ridwan or @MatGorn in twitterland.

Their character in this novel is a twin that has a good look with a charming persona. They were a twin that had moved from a village in Kedah to lived in this so called metropolitan city of KL. They were having an interview and unluckily something unpleasent make Adam didn't want the job. After an incident, SOMEBODY offer them a.job. The job is to do something towards the MURTADians.

They were assign for this job based on their character that was seen by the SOMEBODY. Many beatiful scene could be imagine by reading this even some of the scene is beyond imagination. Yet, I still think that it is intetesting to be read.

P/S: You need to read certain book from @BukuFixi first to understand some part in this book.

To be honest, this is not my first novel by @BukuFixi that I read, but this is the first review that I think I should write.

Read it to enjoy it. "Terus Tenang dan Baca Fixi"

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