Saturday, 21 July 2012

Buku Fixi's of Mine

Some people might notices that I had a lot of hobbies. One of them is reading. Yeah! Sometimes I bought a lot of books without knowing the exact time to read. I collect some publishers books and.magazine, some writers books and I just bought it without intention.

The latest addiction now is novels from Buku Fixi. Yes! It is in Malay! I used to read a lot Malay novel when Im a teenagers but I start reading English novel and books more in college and I stop reading Malay novel after I find out that many of the novels didnt make me step on the real world.

Lasy year I saw a new publisher start producing a novel and I bought a few books from them. I bought online and the books did not artive after two weeks and I called @AmirMu the publisher boos and he delivered the book himself to my college. What a pleasure to meet you. =)

After read a book by book by book I find out that I've addicted to it. Then I start knowing Saifullizan Tahir from Kasino, Shaz Johar from Kougar and Tabu, Afiffudin Omar from Dendam, Ridhwan Saidi from Cekik, Khairulnizam Bakeri from Pecah and many more. YES! I have all the collection from Buku Fixi. Some people might say Im stinggy or whatever, but I just dont care as I never let other borrow this Buku Fixi Collection. After finish reading those books, I wrap it back inside a laminating food film. So it wont damages.

My suggestion is to give it a try to read these books first before you judge their pulpy content!
Here are some collection of mine that I bought in Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL n Pesta Buku Selangor.

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Adam n Akhil

Adam n Akhil are two names that always reflecting in my mind right now as I just finish reading a novel by Hasrul Ridwan or @MatGorn in twitterland.

Their character in this novel is a twin that has a good look with a charming persona. They were a twin that had moved from a village in Kedah to lived in this so called metropolitan city of KL. They were having an interview and unluckily something unpleasent make Adam didn't want the job. After an incident, SOMEBODY offer them a.job. The job is to do something towards the MURTADians.

They were assign for this job based on their character that was seen by the SOMEBODY. Many beatiful scene could be imagine by reading this even some of the scene is beyond imagination. Yet, I still think that it is intetesting to be read.

P/S: You need to read certain book from @BukuFixi first to understand some part in this book.

To be honest, this is not my first novel by @BukuFixi that I read, but this is the first review that I think I should write.

Read it to enjoy it. "Terus Tenang dan Baca Fixi"

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Hi readers.
Ahlan wasahlan ya ramadhan...
Im posting this as all muslim in certain country is starting to fast for a month starting tomorrow morning. As tonight, we are going to perform Solat Tarawih for 20 rakaat.
For those who doesnt have any idea about this fasting month, here is a bit info that I could brief.
Ramadhan is a month for all muslim to perform fasting during the day from eating and drinking and even from commit sins. *At least to avoid commiting sins, human always making error.
This is to make every muslims to feel the feeling of hunger and discomfort of life that was lives by the poor. By doing this, we shall not wasting on every aspect. Some people would easily fast and already tought about break fasting elegantly in a 5stars hotel. By doing this, it shows that we are not being sincere towards the fast that we have done in the day.
For me, by fasting I could add on some good deeds that I oftenly.left while not in fasting month. In fact, we could try avoiding some sins that we used to do every day such as cursing, talk back watching unproper things and many more. I couod also slimming myself as I will eat less in this condition. So, for those non-muslim who wish to.perform fasting... No worries, do it without hesitation. It won't make you accidentally turn you into Islam.
For Muslims, do not forget to niat before perform fasting or you will end up tired without receiving anythings from Allah. *wallahualam...
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Saturday, 14 July 2012


Hi readers...
Everybody know that I have my own car now. And no need to tell anymore as I already posted some photos of her.

Something I really dont like is to.wash the car. I know it could be some.sort of exercising but it is not my way of ecercising. I hate doing it as I could hurt myself almost everytime I wash my car and even my mom n dad car. I used to get a bruises on my head as I accidentally knock myself towards a beam while washing one of my dad car.

Another one scar was on my hand as I forgot that the car is under some refurbishment as my dad is installing a new bodykit on his starlet and I got almost 5cm wound. Yes! It bleed heavily.

Ok. Back to yesterday story. Yesterday morning I went to school and the road is wet as it was rain the night before. As usual, the road to Puchong hot some dirt on some places. After reaching school, it is still raining but it is not a big matter as it is not a downpour.

When I want to go back home, As I move to my car, I saw a few dotted spotted on my door side. I touched it to know what it is actually, then I realize that it is a few cement leakage. Lucky that it is not really stick there.

Without thinking further, I drive home and I syop by a petrol station to was my car. Lucky that the interior of my car is still in a clean condition. So I just drive thru the machine and I ask the workers to just shine up the tire only. I didnt need the vacuum services.

But, that really not satisfy me yet as I didnt see the car condition yet. So, I drove to the toilet next to thw petrol station and I check myself the car condition. Yeay!!! It look very clean now.

I love to use the auto car wash as I dont really like to wait outside my car while it being wash. I dont like to spend a lot of time too as this type of carwash took only 5 minutes to clean. Indeed it is not clean as Bodyshop do but it give me a satisfying cleanliness. Another thing that I like is it is cheap. For a sedan like my car, it only cost me RM4.00 only and I think I could afford to used it a coupled times a week.

Here's the pictures while my car being washed by hand and machine. We were just like a bos of waiting inside the cat wjile it being wash.

So, enjoy the photo's inside the auto carwash machine and how does it look after being washed. Dont worry Aizi, I'll make sure u clean and beauty after this.


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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Travelling Mind

Hey there...
There's something really bother me right now as my heart really wriggles to travel somewhere. It is not that I never travel before but this time I just to be where I never been before.

I once used to think that I want to travel luxuriously somewhere over the world in the first class cabin of a very well known airlines company. Sleep in a very prestigious 7star hotel, moving around in a limousine and dining in a couture boutique restaurant.

Hey! Keep dreaming and I wont never achieve any as I came from neither a very2 rich family nor a richman myself. After a few thought, I rather travel cheap and fun to really be there!

All of the fabulous thinggy pour down as I really like to watch Travel and Living chanel in Astro and to make things worsen, I would only watch something that really attract my eyes. Indeed!

Now, as I'm already working and I know very well how hard to earn money. So, I think it is better for me to not wasting on something I dont really need. Instead of wasting it on Just one vacation, I could spend the wastage into some others journey.

There is so many way of travel cheaply right now. We have plenty of choices to choose for. Instead of flying fabulously thru MAS, we have air asia and even some other airlines that offer cheaper price ticket. As long as we reached the place, why not! Right?

By the time of reaching the place, why dont we just go for bed n breakfast or someyhing like hostel. Usually this place do offer us free plain water, tea and coffee. They do provide breakfast too. Make used of it! You are advised to do some research on hotel too before going there as some hotels offer cheap fare during some seasons. Read the hotel review first before booking as you wont feel regret to be the one who will write a bad review of the hotel.

Instead of travel luxuriously via limousine or taxi, why not try the local traveling ways or public transport like "angkot" in Indonesia, "Tuktuk" in Thailand and MRT in Singapore (*correct me if I'm wrong). It is way more cheaper compare to renting a car. But to make things clear, do some research before planning on the vacation. *People says that Bluebird Cab is way more cheaper than Angkot in Indonesia.

Another things to always bare in mind is to always think of cleanliness. It is good to make sure you wont get affected with the disease from the place that you go. To be precise, I always think of wearing the disposable shirt especially the undergarments. Do check on weather and the main purpose of traveling before packing as it will make things easier as some people travel for shopping and many others purposes.

Before going to other peoples place or to be exact, the foreign countries, do check on the local customs, tourist traps and things to do. This wont make you feel awkward while reaching there. It will also avoid you from spending on something you dont really need.

To make things easier you could spend some times read a few travelling page, travellers log blog and ask from people who always on the go. For me, I always read

Do not forget the camera! And batteries too. As you will regret to not capture those sweet moment of your life in there.

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Smart Umbrella...

Umbrella That Uses Newspapers To Shield Its Users From Rain

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Story of Aizi

Did you happen to know my new sweetheart? Jer name is Aizi. Why did I put that name? To be honest, I dont want her to be soft as I drive very fast most of the time. So that's why I name her.that.

Well, having the first car is like having a baby or children. You sometimes will spend a lot for her eventhough it is not really needed. Like I myswlf had spend a lot to make her look much2 more beautiful and elegance. *people who know me very well know how I want everything to be elegant.

I used her everyday to go to school, going back to my hometown and everyday activity. I love her so much as she make everything that I want possible.
I took her on March 28 and its already threw month I used her. She become my best buddies and wife for now.

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My Kiddos

As you know, now I'm already a teacher in SK Puchong Perdana. A happening school that always tickle my nerves on everything. Lol...

Im not going to mumble a lot about the school and my spec job. I just want to talk about my job as a class teacher.

Im a class teacher of Standard 4. It is 4 Fasih. Yes! The students is sooooooo "Fasih" as they talk a lot. Sometimes I feel hectic to entertain them but they are my sweetheart now.*shhhh... Dont tell them, or this will make them perasan! Hahaha...

This class consist of 40 pupil that was 22 boy and 18 girl. Yes! The number of students somehow crumble.

Yesterday, I need to relief an absent teacher and I have no idea about what to do with them. So, I let them do their own work. But, a kid is always a kid. They do speak and play instead of doing their work. So, to kill boredom, I manage to snap a few photos of their activity in the class.

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SK Puchong Perdana Sport Carnivale

SK Puchong Perdana is an everage size school that consist of a large number of student. The school compound is not so big yet not so small. it is enough to accomodate a number of students in 2 sessions.

This school does not have a very large field that could acomodate a 400 metres track. so we only have a 200 metres track installed.

Last saturday marka the end of sports carnivale in the school. the carnival start almost a month ago and we have fun while doing the activity.

I was aasign into Green House or Aminuddin Baki. We manage to climb to be the number 1 house from the last place before the seasons. Yippie!!!

There's a lot of activity being held on the day and before it. Even I myself do join an event but unfortunately lose as I didnt do it very well... lol...

Anyhow, photos does speak a thousand words. So... Enjoy!!!

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KL Tower

Last weekend my friend Mr. F do come over to met his girlfriend who just came back from Besancon, France for summer holiday. Her girlfriend who I called Lady D is also my friend too...

I just can meet them at night as I still got to work on that saturday morning. We met in Mid Valley and havibg dinner there. As usual, the couple love to have the Portuegese Grill. Unlucky for me as I couldn't stand its spiciness. So I just took the Yong Tau Fu for dinner. *Diet mood... Lol.

After dinner we have nothing to do and I have no intentoons of hang out in Mid Valley. So Mr. F ask me to drive them somewhere to kill time. Then he suggest us to go to KL Tower. Then we go there without any idea how much the ticket will cost us. We reach there around 8.30 and as usual my.clumsiness make me forget to lock the car. Mr. F ask me to check and shoot! I didnt lock the car.

After that we go to the counter and the ticket price is RM30 for Malaysian with Mykad! But we still want to go up there. So we bought it. Haha... The ticket include with a package of pony ride or a mini zoo. But we didnt go to any of them as we dont have enough time for it.

We manage to have a short seight seeing up there for about 30 minutes. Having a few snapping moment n we go down. There's a few pictures I manage to take.

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