Monday, 30 January 2012

Working Era

Hi reader's'... I know that I broke my promise to update this blog frequently. So sorry as I juz have no mood either idea to post anything here. Sorry once again.

16 January 2012 would be the most memorable date for me as it is the first day I become the PPPS DG41(SSM).

I woke up early on tje date as Im seriously nervous about everything. It stressed me from school, transportation, traffic n and even home to stay. It is my first time looking for rental house and most people know that Im a very selective and fuzzy person. So it stress me a lot.

For now, I juz dont want to think.about that anymore as it could haywire myself.

I juz pray that I could make myself.busy with life and wont think about that anymore.

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Ibuhani said...

Good luck in your career life! Just follow the flow.......insyaallah...everything is going to be ok!