Monday, 28 November 2011

Greyson Chance

Have you listen to his song? I just know about him recently after he came to Malaysia for a Malaysian Award recently. But his song Waiting Outside The Lines is already humming in my mind since a few months ago as I saw a video posted on YouTube.

He is tremendously gifted as his voice is awesome. His song is good too. I just know a little about this kid who bocome a phenomenon in Malaysia during the awards thinggy. (I dont remember the award name)

I just hope that he wont be like bieber that I dont really like as his song is not really interest me. Let us just hope that he will succeed and a good idol for the kid.

P/S: I like the "Waiting Outside The Lines" more than "Unfriend You". The VC is awesome too. :-)

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10 Reasons Of Reading

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Souvenir

People sometimes tend to go some place of interest and bought something that related with the place.

Last time when I went to Colmar, I bought this little bulky hand souvenir. Its my hand actually, anf I just cant believe that my hand is that big!

It cost me almost RM30 for it uncluding with the IAN letters attached there. I juz feel awesone to have my hand being a statue like that. I hope that it will last forever.

But, after a week I got this things, unfortunately is shrunken and after some observations, I sae that they were some cracked on it. I was a bit suprised with it and I juz leave it there. Later, when I wish to move it into the box I cracked it. And its now an END. Phewww~ what to do??? The only things can be done is just by throw it away. Thats the end of my hand statue.

So, for those who wish to do it... I want to advise you to think wisely as it is not a lobg lasting statue that you can proudly show it to your children or grandchildren in the future...

P/S: There got some naughty tought to before doing this... Hahaha... Dayum!

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Saturday, 26 November 2011


I had a bowling games session with my UniKL buddy this afternoon and yesterday morning and we enjoy it.

Its just a release after the exam and we were playing it in open games. Its just like play first and pay later.

Its Azhar, Shameer, Khairul, Syah and me play it. As most people know, well most definitely met IPBArian there and that things happen to me even yesterday and today. Hahaha...

They were a very good friends that like to laugh and chill most of times. They like to tease too but please dont afraid as they know how to treat others well.

Im not saying that Im not into IPBA students anymore its just that we were having a good topic and subject to be discuss together.

Im not goin to forget all of my friends as I know that once U befriend with others, juz do it sincerely and its going to last forever. Amin!

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I am seriously upset with this situation. Too many think to be think of.

Im not able to do the task u ask me due to the current condition. It is not that I hate to do that... But, theres many things to be considered. My only purposes is to cut the budget as much as I can. I dont want to be blame again later. Owh god. Please help me with it.

I know this is all about misunderstanding, but what can we do. We try harder to follow the rules and ur regulations but it is just not working like the way we planned. Im so sorry and yet I still respect and loves you. 

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Colmar Tropicale

I'v visited this place recently and it is awesome. Do visit it if U need a relax. It is not far from KL. Juz an hour drive and U can feel like U are visiting the real Colmar.

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My Euphoria

This is the Calvin Klein Euphoria that I love so much.
But... It is going to finish soon... Wondering myself who is kind enough to treat me this? :-)