Saturday, 26 November 2011


I had a bowling games session with my UniKL buddy this afternoon and yesterday morning and we enjoy it.

Its just a release after the exam and we were playing it in open games. Its just like play first and pay later.

Its Azhar, Shameer, Khairul, Syah and me play it. As most people know, well most definitely met IPBArian there and that things happen to me even yesterday and today. Hahaha...

They were a very good friends that like to laugh and chill most of times. They like to tease too but please dont afraid as they know how to treat others well.

Im not saying that Im not into IPBA students anymore its just that we were having a good topic and subject to be discuss together.

Im not goin to forget all of my friends as I know that once U befriend with others, juz do it sincerely and its going to last forever. Amin!

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