Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Aduss.... Kantoi plak...

Huhu.... citer nie sebenarnye refleksi mengenai apa yg terjadi pd sy hari ni...
Haha... Kantoi... dgn sape ek??? kantoi ape ek??? bile n mcm2 lg lar... nak tau citer ke???
Klu nak tau citer kene la baca yer... hahaha....

There's nothing weird in early morning, as usual I just go to the class n start around 8 as the lect come quite late due to some changes in the timetable... haha... n we were facing a very boring class from the early morning till the recess time at ten... When I look back, I didn't see anything that we learn from him... Damn Syamil... He always a very stupid question that not related to the subject... So LAMPI!hahaha....(I hope he didn't read this)

We finished the class around 11.30... as some of the lect is not around and we juz dont like to not doing anything.. so I decided to go back to my room... I met wit Mr. Julaili about the KAGUM n what shocked me so much is he put my name to represent IPBA for Bowling??? WHAT????? I'm not expert la... n he ask me to train myself in the nearest alley(Cosmo MidValley r) and claim the pays from Mr. Baseni.

I prepareto go to Mid after waitng for my friend and when I reach the gound level after going out from the elevator is I saw a Merc parked at the warden parking area. I juz go out and wanna go to the car as I admire it so much and I realised the car belong to the person that we dont want to met around the time as it is not yet 12.30... hahaha... It is Dr. Sofi... Our "beloved" director... he ask us about the class n where are we going to... Luckily Uzzers can answer him as I can even speak. Luckily he dont ask anything much and we leave the place quickly.

haha... That's the first time I Kantoi with my IPG Director.... huhu... hoping that he won't mention it in the coming professionalisme assembly.

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