Friday, 5 December 2008


I don't know what had happened to me recently... I'm too addicted to SUDOKU... Everytime I feel free and sometimes not free I play the sudoku... I just waste some of my money to buy a new book of sudoku puzzle... Eventhough I install the game in my Lappy n Handphone, I juz cant stand to buy a new book of it... I realize that all the sudoku puzzle in the newspaper n my sister magazine is fully done just by me alone... Huhu... my sis get angry towards his brother coz doing it without asking her permission(she don't like people to write something into her zine)...

Last night I feel so sleepy and I wish to sleep early but whenever I see my handphone and my lappy near to my bed, I waste my time to play it first... And I cant sleep early eventhough I want as It has change my mind... I hope that it wouldn't make me forget my lord...

What should I do???


fakhruru said...

SUDOKU is gut..
i play it also when i feel bored

Hilmi Zulfadli Shahrom said...

Play DOTA la..

Ak nk cr sponsor utk PISMP..
Ask ur dad la..

Nini Marini said...

bagus tau main bnda alah tu awak,sgt bagus utk tajamkan otak awak.
syukurlah,at least awak tak buat bnda2 yg takde faedah tyme boring2..